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Eslabon Properties is a company formed specifically for brokering commercial agriculture facilities, with a specialty in commercial livestock facilities and is a partnership between Eslabon Capital, LP, a feedyard management consulting company owned by Richard Bretz, and George Clift Enterprises, Inc., owned by George Clift. George, through Clift Land Brokers, is the largest agriculture real estate broker in the Texas Panhandle. Eslabon Properties is typically working on projects in numerous states either independently or in cooperation with local real estate professionals and, to the best of our knowledge, Eslabon Properties currently does the largest number of commercial feedyard transactions in the US. Eslabon Properties or its owners have also worked on several international projects in Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and Australia.

When merchandising a commercial feedyard or other business, the sellers usually have a great concern about the confidentiality of the transaction. The concern is well founded and comes from the risk of losing the best employees and best customers if it becomes public knowledge that the business is for sale. At Eslabon Properties, we work to maintain the confidentiality using confidentiality agreements and only discussing the potential sale with qualified buyers with a real interest. It is impossible to sell a feedyard or other business without talking to potential buyers and lenders and increasing the risk that the confidentiality can be compromised at some point. But, we work to be certain that Eslabon Properties has done the utmost to maintain the confidentiality throughout the process.

The name Eslabon is the spanish word for “link in a chain”. A link in a chain describes how we see ourselves in a typical transaction involving a commercial livestock production facility or other property. It is our job to fully explore the property for sale, help evaluate the market value of the property, help the owner decide if a confidential or public approach is most viable, filter through potential buyers, and then link the most likely one or two buyers with the seller. We pride ourselves in doing our research first and then showing most facilities only a few times before a transaction takes place.

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